GoBake Warehouse Move & Stocktake (Important to please read)

Dear Customer,


We’re making some change for the better….

Four years ago, we made the decision to move to using a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) provider for all our warehousing and distribution of your orders. To say this has been challenging would be an understatement. Our biggest challenge has been to deliver you the services you expect and deserve and it’s our absolute focus to make this right.


We’re excited to announce we have now finalised details to move to a new 3PL provider. We have been able to take our learnings from the last four years and are confident we will be providing you with a service that we can be proud of and one in which you can rely.


We don’t want to talk about the expected benefits too much right now and would prefer for you to see it for yourself in the coming months. However, a few of the highlights will include;

  • Full barcode scanning across the entire order process (inwards / pick / pack / despatch), significantly improving accuracy of your order
  • Integrated wireless RFID equipment improving the speed your order is processed including GPS tracked pick machines with minimal human intervention
  • Best Before / Batch # tracking including access to live data enabling us to provide you with faster information to help you make your decision. Best before / Batch # will also be printed for selected products on the Packing Slip with all orders supplied.
  • New Parcel & Bulk Freight providers expecting to provide a far superior service including Fastways (Aramex) for parcels, Daily Freight for bulk outside Auckland and Carroll’s for bulk inside Auckland.
  • Email communication of invoices including links to tracking numbers sent daily, meaning you will know when your order has been processed and be able to track ‘live’ yourself


How you can help…

  • Order Preparation – Get your order placed by Monday 16th March and hopefully you can order enough to get you through to mid-April
  • Email Address – Let us know the email address where you would like all invoices sent
  • Delivery Instructions – Let us know any specific delivery instructions so we can provide to the carrier (s)
  • Patience & Understanding – Please understand we’re all doing our best to make this right long term
  • Returns – Please do not return any goods without approval from the office. They will advise the correct address at time of approval
  • Communication – Talk to us (earlier the better) about any queries so we can help plan to minimise any possible disruption to your business.


She’s a big job…

We expect to have to move almost 1,000 pallets whilst having to stocktake everything… twice! We are also updating our systems and processes across the business with many challenges arising, no doubt at the last minute.  This will take time but we are committed to doing this right and are confident it will ensure you begin to receive the level of service we expect to provide.


Important Dates

Thru March 13th Business-as-usual however please expect some disruption as we begin to move selected ‘bulk’ stock and selected stock. Although we are doing our best to minimise disruption, this may cause some delays of your orders and selected short supply items.
Monday 16th March thru Thursday 19th March This is our last week for orders and the earlier you place your order the more likely it will be despatched before the move. We are aiming for all orders placed before 10.00am Thursday 19th March to be despatched by Friday 20th. However, this will depend on the volume of orders. We recommend placing orders to get you through to mid-April to ensure minimal disruption to your business.
Friday 20th March thru Friday 27th March We will be closed for stocktake, moving all stock and setting up at our new premises.
Week commencing Monday 30th March This will be our first week processing orders from our new premises. Although we expect to be processing orders, we are expecting a few hiccups so please be patient, especially for this first week.
Week commencing Monday 6th April This will be our second week processing orders from our new premises and although we expect some hiccups to continue for the first few weeks, we’d expect things are starting to settle down and we’re processing your orders within a reasonable period. (1-2 days) – Remember though that week is Easter so we will not be operational 5 days a week until mid-April.


Change always brings disruption…

This positive change means we will have many new happenings across the business including our people (picking/packing orders), couriers (delivering orders), processes/systems and more. There is typically a ‘bedding in’ period with all significant changes and we appreciate your patience and understanding through the period.


If you’d like to discuss your specific needs over this period, please reach out to your account manager or our customer services team and we’ll be more than happy to help.


This will affect some of the way we currently do things which may affect your business. We have highlighted a few of


  • Goods will be supplied with a priced packing slip
  • We will email the invoice once goods have been despatched
  • Change of Parcel/Courier Providers (Fastways/Aramax)
  • Change of Bulk Freight Providers (Carroll’s – AKL, Daily Freight – Outside AKL)
  • Collections will now be available in Albany (no longer available in East Tamaki)


New Location…

This will be our new location for our warehouse however our head office location remains the same.


Warehouse Office
Carroll’s Logistics

c/ GoBake

7 John Glenn Ave,

Rosedale, Albany 0632

Auckland, NZ

GoBake Head Office

Ground Floor

683 Whangaparaoa Rd,

Stanmore Bay 0932,

Auckland, NZ


We appreciate your support and understand throughout this disruptive period and look forward to providing you with the levels of service you deserve from mid-April 2020.


Thanks for your on-going understanding and commitments.


Yours sincerely




Mike Briant, Managing Director


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