COVID-19 – Coronavirus – Update 2020-03-20 (Important to please read)

Dear Customer,


Due to the continuing to evolve COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, we wanted to update you on the steps GoBake is taking in relation to our planning. We will continue to provide updates as things continue to change day-by-day, hour-by-hour and as required.


Firstly, the health and safety of our staff and clients is our primary priority. We and the team at GoBake are following the Ministry’s advice around hygiene and safe personal practices to ensure our premises are safe and clean.


Should the need arise, we have the technology in place for staff members to work from home. If this occurs, we expect most staff to be fully responsive by phone and email as usual. In other words, business can continue as usual.


With new information being presented every day the situation will evolve but, GoBake is confident the quality of service you will receive will remain high. We would also like to say thank you for your support and patience as we deal with any inconveniences that may arise during this time.


We have implemented our company Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and are continuing to best manage this situation on a day-to-day basis. We are taking steps to help minimise the spread and your chances of contracting COVID-19.


Our people…

We have introduced the following immediate steps.


  • Implementation of company policy document for all actions especially focussed around a commitment to follow all Ministry of Health guidelines and instructions.


  • People / Well-being – We are continuing to work through 1:1 with our team to ensure they understand the risks as well as provide support and assist where necessary including for possible isolation, diagnosis etc.


  • Sales Team Visits – Effective Friday 19th March our sales team will not be visiting customers in a face-to-face scenario until further notice.


  • Work from home – We have completed full trials and are ready (if needed) for our full work force to be able to work remotely.


  • Travel (Domestic/International) – “Business Critical” travel only to be completed on approval by a director. It is our preference to have no further travel until further notice.


  • Office – We have introduced several measures including signage (entrance), reduced meeting schedule, work-from-home options, sanitiser and cleaning stations


Our service…

We are currently changing warehouse providers however we are working closely with our new provider (effective 30th March) on a business continuity plan. Through working together with the ministry of health, we are confident in being able to continue to provide the necessary services moving forward.


Our products…

We are coordinating with our suppliers regularly and at this stage are reasonably unaffected. At this stage, we have reasonable stock holding of most products. If you have specific supply requirements over the coming 2-3 months, please contact us immediately to discuss so we can find a solution together.


We are anticipating (however not yet seeing) potential delays by both suppliers and shipping companies and continue to monitor these and update as and when necessary.


  • Cake Boards – Selected cake boards (4mm, 9mm and 12mm) may be out of stock. This is also due to a delay in shipping before CNY (not related to Coronavirus) and the delay has then been compounded with the factory only re-opening in early March due to the Coronavirus lock down in China. This shipment is now due late April, early May.


We continue to have good stocks of most sizes, colours and thicknesses of cake boards. For a detailed list of impacted products, please contact us. Please also consider suitable substitutes as we have many similar products within our range of cake boards.


  • Icing Decorations – We have now been advised (17th March) by our factory in the Philippines that it has been announced by their President that effective immediately until 12 April, an enhanced community quarantine (or total lockdown) will be implemented for the whole of Luzon. All businesses and offices are mandated to close or work from home except for essential businesses like groceries, health centres, food delivery, banks can remain open.  All public transportation is suspended.  Basically, all people are forced to stay home with local government units patrolling the surroundings to ensure the population stays home.


We therefore expect delays of current shipments however do continue to have goods stocks and also have a shipment arriving 10th April which was completed prior to the lock down. If the factory can re-open on 12 April, we would expect minimal disruption. For a detailed list of impacted products, please contact us.


We are fortunate to have multiple supply options for our products providing additional options should certain regions and countries be specifically affected. We are also continuing to monitor supplier price increases and the falling NZD/USD and hope to minimise any necessary price adjustments. We are however at the mercy of global forces.


In the meantime, if you need any assistance dealing with the impacts of the Coronavirus we are here to help.


Thanks for your on-going understanding and commitments. We wish you, your family and your team the best of health and good luck throughout this un precedented time.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Yours sincerely



Mike Briant, Managing Director





Steve Briant, Director



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