Print Your Own Edible Images



It is a wonderful tool to be able to provide personalised Edible Images for your customer.

We can provide you with a full solution for “Print Your Own” Edible Images including a Printer, Edible Inks, Edible Icing Paper and Software.

• Personalised
o Birthday
o Wedding
o Celebrations
o Special Occasions

• Corporate
o Cupcakes
o Cakes


Terms & Conditions of Sale (Printer)

Terms & Conditions of Sale (Printer) – On ordering the approved printer from GoBake you accept all Terms & Conditions outlined in this document. These are also clearly marked on the Printer box and clearly state that upon opening this box you have accepted all Terms & Conditions as follows.

• This printer is intended only for the printing of Edible Images

• Only GoBake Edible Inks and Edible Icing Paper are to be used

• There is no Warranty/Guarantee offered or implied by the manufacturer of the Printer or by GoBake Limited. We are not using Canon approved Edible Inks and therefore the Warranty is void from both Canon and GoBake as soon as the box has been opened.

• Non-Edible Inks – Only ever use brand new printers for Edible Imaging. Never use Non-Edible Inks (i.e. Canon Inks) before or during the use of our approved Edible Inks. To help reduce the likelihood of this, we have taken the time to remove the Non-Edible Inks from the printer box.

• We are not Printer professionals and will provide support if needed however our expertise can be limited and it’s important you are reasonably IT savvy in order to make the investment to “Print Your Own” Edible Images.

There are some elements of risk associated to printing your own edible images. We are trying to highlight these and then it is up to you to make the decision whether this solution works for your business.


We can supply you with our currently approved Printer however you are also able to purchase from all major retailers. It is up to you.

We recommend the Canon PIXMA Endurance G3600. Please remember, we are not using Canon approved Edible Inks so there can be variations to the specifications promoted by Canon however we have tested and are confident in this printer and it’s workability with our Edible Inks and Edible Icing Paper.

Print Assist – Get step-by-step tips to help you set up and connect to your printer with video tutorials.

Cloud Connected – The G3600 is a multi-tasker’s dream printer. Delivering on the best of PIXMA’s Multi-Function features such as Print, Copy, Scan. It never fails to deliver quality, crisp text and stunning documents.

Refillable Ink Tanks – 4 integrated ink tanks – which you can simply fill and then start printing.

Connected – Print documents and photos with the convenience of using a smart device, utilising PIXMA Cloud Link

Print Wirelessly through Wi-Fi – Your new Canon printer is Wi-Fi enabled, meaning that you can connect it wirelessly to your computers, smartphones, and tablets. As with most printers sold, there is not a USB cable included with the printer as you are able to connect through Wi-Fi. If you need one, USB cables are available from most electronics retailers.

Printer manufacturers including Epson and Canon are always changing their Printers and updating their range. For more information about the Printer, please Click Here

For help setting up your Printer, please Click Here


Edible Inks

Refill inks allow you to achieve maximum economy by empowering you to refill each individual cartridge or continuous ink tank as and when required. The refill inks contain ink formulated especially for printing edible imaging.

Inks are available in Red (Magenta), Blue (Cyan), Black and Yellow. They are typically formulated for specific printer brands and models however from our testing both inks are suitable for the Epson L310 and Canon G3600. We have not tested and do not recommend any other printer.

Current Product Range
We currently have the following product range available for Edible Ink Refills. Due to the ever-changing Printer models this range can change quickly without notice.

• 50ml / 1 Litre – Formulated for Epson (suitable also for Canon) * Discontinuing
• 100ml – Formulated for Canon (suitable also for Epson)

Blue (Cyan)                       Black                      Red (Magenta)                     Yellow


Tips & Techniques

• Never let the inks get low as Edible Inks do not have the same cooling properties that normal inks enjoy. If the tanks get low (or runout) the jets can clog and there will be permanent damage.

• Only use GoBake approved Edible Inks.

Edible Icing Paper

These premium sheets offer unsurpassed clarity and ability to peel off easily in any climate. Our Edible Icing Paper are an actual layer of icing that bonds with the icing on the cake. They can be applied to all types of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate, fondant and more. Easily cut with scissors to create your desired shape!

Current Product Range
• A4 Sheets (1 per Sheet) – 25 sheets per Pack
• 30mm Circles (48 per Sheet) – 24 sheets per Pack


Example of Open
Pack of Edible Icing Paper                                Example of 30mm Template

For the 30mm Circles, we do have templates available for both Corel Draw and PDF which will allow you to ensure your design fits within each circle.

Tips & Techniques

• Store sealed in a cool dry place. This is very important to ensure they do not dry out.

Tips & Techniques

There is so much possible, and it is just a matter of finding what works in your situation. We have included some general tips to help.

• The colour intensity manual adjustment can be handy.

• It depends on the image and colours you are printing. Do not be scared to change the settings to get the best results.

• Edible Images need as much ink as possible as the sugar is porous and absorbs ink readily.

• Check and refill ink tanks daily. Always keep the ink tanks full.

• Use the printer frequently even if it is just to ‘use it’ – If you are not using it daily then you are much more likely to have issues. You can even use it for your normal printing if you continue to use the approved GoBake Edible Ink Refills. Just like a car, use it and it wears out, do not use it and it wears out quicker. Also, it is better that the inks get a chance to flow.

• When trialling (or just to ‘use it’) put plain A4 paper through the machine. It will not hurt it and the ink use is minimal.

• Manage your customers’ expectations. We are printing on icing here folks, this is not retina display! Sometimes your customers may need to be reminded of this too. You may want to put a note on your website / Facebook page explaining that colours do not always match perfectly, since the inks are edible! The quality of your original photo helps determine the final quality achieved from the printer.

This is even more important for your corporate customers who sometimes have extremely high expectations for print quality of their brand!

• Generally, we have found that if you maintain your equipment properly over time, there is less chance of the inks getting clogged and not printing. Have a check of this equipment maintenance schedule to help to keep you on track and extend the life of your equipment.

Setting Up Your Printer

It should be straight forward to get your Printer up and running. We recommended firstly that you follow the instructions from the manufacturer included with the printer (Getting Started 1 and Getting Started 2 – Using the GoBake Edible Ink in replacement of the Canon inks.

Set Up
Technology is a wonderful thing however there are so many variables when it comes to different manufacturers, software, computers and more.

1) Once installed, you need to permanently set the Printer Driver settings. There are several ways of doing this, here is one for Windows 10 PC’s

One Two Three
Click on both the Windows Logo on your keyboard +R at the same time. Type in “Control Printers” and press OK.


2) This will take you into a screen showing Devices and Printers

One Two Three
Locate the printer (Probably called Canon G3000 unless you renamed it) Right click on the printer image

Click on “Printing Preferences”


3) Change settings and select OK

Setting Select Option Image
Commonly Used Settings: Photo Printing
Media Type: Hi Res Paper
Paper Size: A4
Print Quality: High
Paper Source: Rear Tray

Note: You may wish to change these settings from time to time to get best results, but this is the best place to start.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Sanitise and clean before and after every use.

We do NOT recommend doing “Deep Cleaning”. We have found this is detrimental to the print quality and shortens the printer life. You are better off doing many (10-20) “Cleaning” phases.

From our experience when the above instructions are followed that problems are minimised. Printers do wear out and as with any technology there can be problems, for whatever reason including the software being used to create, manipulate, and then print.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What software should we use for designing our Edible Images?
It is entirely up to you. We use Corel Draw within our business and am then able to provide you with template files especially for the 30mm circles.

There is also a website which is easy to use and is free to try. The templates for the 30mm circles DO NOT match our GoBake 30mm circles so is best to use only for our A4 Edible Icing Paper.

Why have you removed the standard Canon inks?
It is a food safety thing. We are supplying this printer for the purposes of Edible Imaging. To ensure it remains safe for the printing of Edible Images we remove the non-edible Canon inks to ensure they are not used even by mistake. If you do want the standard Canon inks, we suggest you purchase the printer from one of the usual electronics retailers. We honestly do not mind where you choose to get your printer from.

How much ink does it use?
How long is a piece of string? There is no honest answer to this however our recommendation is you allow $2.00 for each print which would cover all associated printing costs including Printer, Inks and more. This way when it comes to replacing the Ink or Printer you can be happy to know you have allowed for these costs in your printing.

This excludes the cost of the Edible Icing Paper.

Can I start using the new Canon suitable Edible Inks in my old Epson printer which I have been using different Edible Inks in already?
We do not recommend mixing the different inks across printers however in some instances it should not be a problem, but the choice and risk is entirely up to you.

When do I know it is time to invest in a printing solution?
It is a reasonably affordable option to invest into a “Print Your Own” Edible Imaging solution as the overall initial investment is below $1,000 + GST. The biggest decision you need to make is whether you will be using it enough.

If you are not using it daily, then you are much more likely to have issues. You can even use it for your normal printing if you continue to use the approved GoBake Edible Ink Refills. Just like a car, use it and it wears out, do not use it and it wears out quicker. Also, it is better that the inks get a chance to flow.

If you’re not quite sure, we are able to print your personalised Edible Images and send to you so that you can begin offering the service to your customers and then decide when the time is right to make the investment and “Print Your Own.”

It’s probably more your decision based on the initial investment compared to your expected sales.
What does it cost per print?
We suggest you work on $5.00 – $6.00 per A4 sheet. This should include the cost of the Edible Icing Paper, Edible Ink Refills, Maintenance and Replacement Costs etc. It excludes the labour associated as it depends on how much time you may be spending on both creating personalised designs as well as printer maintenance.

Do you offer technical support?
We are not printer professionals and will provide support if needed however our expertise can be limited and it is important you are reasonably IT savvy to make the investment to “Print Your Own” Edible Images. We typically find it is best you liaise directly with the printer manufacturer and especially utilise their website which is full of great tips & techniques for common issues with printers.

If you do need specific help from GoBake, this may be available however is charged on an hourly basis.

My edible images are coming out in the wrong colour
Step 1: Is a colour missing?
Firstly, double-check if all the colours are working properly. Perform a ‘nozzle check’ in the printer settings, and if a colour isn’t printing, refer to the troubleshooting tips in the next section around cleaning the ink heads.

Step 2: Adjust the image in the printer settings
Using the printer property settings (Print> Properties > Main > Color/Intensity > Manual> Set), adjust the balance of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.

My edible images are coming out too dark
Sometimes if you have a darker design, the detail in the output can look relatively poor. Here are a few steps to resolve this:

Step 1: Ensure the correct printer settings
First, stop printing using the ‘photo printing’ setting! You would think that you should choose the photo print setting so it will come out highest quality on the icing sheet, right?
Wrong – it is all about having the appropriate setting for the surface it is printing on. So, if you choose the photo printing setting for icing, the ink is layering deeper and is producing more contrast. In other words, on icing, the dark shades in the photo look darker.
Choose the ‘plain paper’ setting instead. You can still choose ‘high quality’ on this option, and you will find the prints are not as dark vs photo printing.

Step 2: Lighten the image
If you need to adjust further, there is no need to play around within a photo editing program to adjust the brightness – you can do it directly within the printer settings. For Canon printers (which we recommend due to the removable print heads for easy cleaning), go to Print> Properties > Main > Colour/Intensity > Manual> Set, then adjust the brightness from there:


This can generally solve 90% of the shading related issues. Otherwise, is there a different, lighter design you can use?

My edible images are missing certain colours
If some of your prints are looking a little off it may be that one of the colours is not printing properly and is a result of clogged print colours. Here is what to do in this situation:

Step 1: Perform ‘Cleaning’ function in printer settings
Press the ‘cleaning’ cycle (Printer Properties > Maintenance > Cleaning). You may need to do this a couple of times to get the heads cleared and inks running again. You can also try deep cleaning too, however, be aware that this consumes a lot of ink and is not recommended.

Step 2: Clean print heads
Still having issues. It may need a more thorough clean by removing and cleaning the print heads – this only works for removable print-heads.

Step 3: Replace print head or printer (last resort)
If after trying all the above it still is not working, it may be time to replace your print head or printer. Contact us for more information.

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