Why are your cake boards no longer individually shrink-wrapped? (4mm, 9mm, 12mm only)

Our commitment to “Continuous Improvement” means we are constantly looking at ways to improve and provide better solutions for our customers and the World. As part of this initiative, we have made the decision to no longer, shrink-wrap selected cake boards individually for the following reasons.


  • Ease of Use – Most of our customers use these boards in bakery environments. We received a lot of feedback from customers it was time consuming and frustrating needing to open each individual cake board as well as creating unnecessary waste.


  • Reduce Packaging Waste – As part of our Sustainability and Environment Policy – We acknowledge that all the products we consume and supply across our business operations have an associated environmental footprint and that every person and organisation should work towards a zero environmental footprint by conserving, restoring, and replacing the natural resources used in its operations.


We constantly review our business operations and believe this provides a positive outcome for the environment.


  • Efficiency – This change enables our factories to be more efficient and to enable us to reduce the lead times for manufacturing helping ensure we deliver on our fulfilment expectations.


Are they still ok to retail?

Yes – As long as they are stored in a clean area away from dust and dirt, they should be fine. There is no difference to when customers purchase other unwrapped homewares and possibly the simple advice to customers if they ask would be to recommend, they wipe down with a cloth prior to use.

About the author

  • Mike Briant
  • Managing Director