Edible Glitter Dust and Pearl Lustre Dust

What are the differences between our Edible Glitter Dusts and Pearl Lustre Dusts?

The main difference between the Edible Glitter Dust and the Pearl Lustre Dust is their particle size. Pearl Lustre Dusts are finer and the Edible Glitter Dusts have a slightly larger particle size than the Pearl Lustre Dusts.

Gold Edible Glitter Dust                          Gold Pearl Lustre Dust


Our Edible Glitter Dust range is has a range of four colours: Gold, Silver, Blue and Pink.

We have a much larger colour range of Pearl Lustre Dusts available. Some of our most popular include: Blue, Green, Frozen Blue, Gold, Silver, Turquoise, Pink, and many more. Please check our website, for our full range and you can find your nearest stockist on our Where To Buy section.


How to use them?

They both are really easy to use. Simply use a kitchen brush to sprinkle or brush the dusts onto fondant, icing, chocolate, glaze and more. Because the Edible Glitter Dust is bigger, it can be easier to apply. If you want to apply the dust onto a soft cream/icing the Edible Glitter Dust would be a better option to choose.

The Pearl Lustre Dust is much finer, and will work perfectly for chocolate, fondant, hard icing, buttercream, and more. Use a kitchen brush to sprinkle or apply the Pearl Lustre Dust. The biggest benefit of choosing the Pearl Lustre Dust is that you can add few drops of the GoBake Rose Spirit to it and it will transform your Pearl Lustre Dust into an edible paint! This will give you different effects to use on your cakes, cookies, icings, and more.


GoBake Creative Ideas

You can use the dusts in all of your baking creations. Add beautiful bling to:

– Cookies, iced cookies

– Cake with fondant or buttercream

– The top of cocktails

– Cupcakes and muffins

– Get creative and try it on something new.

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