What are GoBake Edible Brush Pens?

GoBake Brush Pens are a new way to add a personal touch to your cakes and decorate your baking creations. Minimise the mess and waste with our pre-filled Edible Brush Pens.



How to use our Edible Brush Pens?

Whether you’re trying to challenge your decorating skills or wanting to try something new, our Edible Brush Pens are a great way to make your baking creations unique.

They’re really easy to use by simply twisting the end of the pen until you see paint coming through the brush. Brush away and then when you need more paint, just twist again.


You need to be careful though, because if you twist too fast, the tip of the pen can pop off and it will get messy. When you are finished, make sure to place the lid back on to avoid the brush and paint drying out. The Gold & Silver Edible Brush Pens will make your products look premium and you don’t need special skills, even kids can have fun decorating with them.


GoBake Creative Ideas

– Decorate your fondant cake with our Edible Brush Pens

– Decorate your cookies or macarons

– Perfect for decorating or writing on chocolate

– For finer detailed designs, try our Edible Markers

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