About GoBake

Baking & Cake Decorating for Everyone!

GoBake is a manufacturer & wholesaler of bakery and cake supplies, brands and creative solutions to retail & commercial markets. Our products can be found in leading supermarkets, specialty retailers, food distributors and are used by the greatest cake artists, bakers, food manufacturers & brands from throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.

Our commitment is to provide variety & value, keeping things fun & easy whilst educating and inspiring you to create amazing things. We are a third generation, family owned, New Zealand company founded in 1964 and celebrate our history with pride!

We have a huge range of products including everything you’ll need for making, baking & decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies, desserts, treats and more! Our “everything for the cake” product range includes Baking Cups, Bakeware, Fondant, Edible Images, Bakery Equipment, Cake Boards, Flavours, Colours, Candles, Baking Essentials, Sprinkles & Toppings, Sugar Decorations, Cake Decorating Supplies and much more.

We love creating amazing solutions for some of the best brands in the industry including private label and custom made retail & commercial products. We supply leading supermarkets, specialty retail chains, in-store bakeries, food manufacturers & brands, food distributors and more with a variety of creative solutions designed specifically to their needs.

We love our products and know you will too so if you’re interested in our products please click here to find a place to buy or if you’re interested in becoming a wholesale customer, please contact us now!