About GoBake

Baking & Cake Decorating for Everyone!

GoBake is a manufacturer & wholesaler of bakery and cake supplies, brands and creative solutions to retail & commercial markets. Our products can be found in leading supermarkets, specialty retailers, food distributors and are used by the greatest cake artists, bakers, food manufacturers & brands from throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.

Our commitment is to provide variety & value, keeping things fun & easy whilst educating and inspiring you to create amazing things. We are a third generation, family owned, New Zealand company founded in 1964 and celebrate our history with pride!

We have a huge range of products including everything you’ll need for making, baking & decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies, desserts, treats and more! Our “everything for the cake” product range includes Baking Cups, Bakeware, Fondant, Edible Images, Bakery Equipment, Cake Boards, Flavours, Colours, Candles, Baking Essentials, Sprinkles & Toppings, Sugar Decorations, Cake Decorating Supplies and much more.

We love creating amazing solutions for some of the best brands in the industry including private label and custom made retail & commercial products. We supply leading supermarkets, specialty retail chains, in-store bakeries, food manufacturers & brands, food distributors and more with a variety of creative solutions designed specifically to their needs.

We love our products and know you will too so if you’re interested in our products please click here to find a place to buy or if you’re interested in becoming a wholesale customer, please contact us now!

We Have a Great History.


George Briant Ltd was founded in Christchurch in 1964 by George & Doris Briant to supply bakery and food service ingredients, equipment and cake decorations to the bakery & butchery trade.  Through the passion, innovation, expert industry knowledge, key relationships and family values, the company performed well and in 1970 moved to Auckland where it was a bigger market and it was where most head offices were located. It was here where George Briant chose the new company name, Golden Bridge Marketing Ltd which means “Safe Retreat” whilst maintaining the use of his initials, GB which is something that remains in our business today.


The second generation, Steve Briant joined the company in 1982 to take the company to the next stage of growth. Steve re-focussed the company into bakery & cake decorating products and launched our first consumer brand, Golden Day into the retail market with our first big win getting our products into Kmart in 1985.


In 1999 we entered the Food Service market, a channel the company was founded on where we could provide customised procurement and distribution solutions for multi store café groups. This included supplying branded and unbranded packaging, ingredients, cleaning products and more to some of the leading franchise café & bakery chains in New Zealand.


Mike Briant, the third generation joined the company in 2006 straight out of high school to try and save some money to go on his OE. Starting off in the warehouse picking & packing orders he gained a real interest in finding efficiencies operationally through managing people and utilising technology.


With the expanding interest of baking & cake decorating it was identified that we needed new “face” for this part of the company. GoBake was officially launched in 2011 to provide baking & cake decorating products, brands and creative solutions for retail and commercial markets. We love being part of great things with great people and begin our journey of becoming a household name.


In light of the GoBake branded becoming well known it is decided to officially change our company name to GoBake Ltd and move in to our new support office on the beautiful Hibiscus Coast in Auckland, New Zealand. With an amazing team, clear strategic direction we are excited to celebrate our over 50 year history while we continue to work on the next 50 years. Come along for our journey!

Our brands

GoBake is our major brand for all things baking & cake decorating. “Everything for the Cake”. Baking & Cake Decorating products for the beginner to the expert! Affordable, variety, fun, young, inspiration, education!

Easy to use ‘ready to roll’ cake icing and modelling paste for covering and decorating cakes, cupcakes and modelling flowers & figurines.

Easy to use mix giving you the ability to make frosting, crème and ice cream by just adding water and icing sugar.

Decorating cream that replaces the need for using icing sugar or corn flour which reduces drying out, cracking and elephant skin when using rolled fondant cake icing.

Brands we endorse