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You will find below our operating hours and cut off dates for the upcoming Christmas period. As always, we appreciate your understanding throughout this time. You will be aware our courier and freight companies are extremely busy leading up to Christmas and operate limited hours over the holiday period. We recommend you allow extra time […]

From 22 September 2022 – 6 October 2022   Have fun and get creative with different ways to use GoBake Sprinkles to be in to win an exclusive sprinkle factory experience for up to 5 people at our very own sprinkle factory! A fun school holiday activity for the whole family. How to Enter Simply […]

GoBake Fairy Dust is our beautiful Glitter Dust range packaged in a new, easy to use spray pump bottle that is a perfect, mess-free way to apply some bling. Our Fairy Dust is Gluten Free, helps to spread glitter evenly and is available in four colours: Pink, Blue, Silver and Gold. How to use Fairy […]

GoBake Brush Pens are a new way to add a personal touch to your cakes and decorate your baking creations. Minimise the mess and waste with our pre-filled Edible Brush Pens.                  How to use our Edible Brush Pens? Whether you’re trying to challenge your decorating skills or […]

What are the differences between our Edible Glitter Dusts and Pearl Lustre Dusts? The main difference between the Edible Glitter Dust and the Pearl Lustre Dust is their particle size. Pearl Lustre Dusts are finer and the Edible Glitter Dusts have a slightly larger particle size than the Pearl Lustre Dusts. Gold Edible Glitter Dust  […]

We are excited to announce that we have launched Decorative Leaf as part of our Metallics Range available in Gold, Silver & Rose Gold. Our Decorative Leaf is simple and elegant and will create amazing effects on your products. Add a touch of bling to your creations and impress your friends and family with this luxurious […]

Our Mix-O-Lots™ are decorating blends of sprinkles and other premium ingredients such as 100s & 1000s, Supers™, Sprinkles, Shapes, Crystal Sugar, Fine Sugar, Shakies™, Top-Ins™ and much more. Like regular sprinkles, our Mix-O-Lots™ are perfect for decorating cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, ice-cream, desserts and more. They will bring delicious flavours and textures to your creations, and they […]

Our Top-Ins™ are more than just sprinkles. They can be used to decorate your finished products but also as an inclusion in many of your different baking creations. Add them to your favourite recipes to add flavour and crunch. All our Top-Ins™ are made right here in New Zealand and are made with natural colours […]

To Whom it may concern, Please note, the date printed on the bottom of the Gel Colour bottles is the date of manufacture. There has been some confusion and we have decided to provide an official explanation and statement for clarification especially to the consumer. The best before date for this product is 24 months + […]

Brand New GoBake Web Portal We are excited to release our brand new GoBake Web Portal which has been designed for our wholesale (B2B) customers to view our products and place orders. Please Click Here to login and view our products and place an order. Your login details have changed, and we now use your […]

GoBake and Carroll’s morning tea. On Friday morning we enjoyed a shared morning tea with Carroll’s our 3PL shipping team in Albany. We celebrated our partnership and 6 months working together. Our morning tea was lead by Paul Canavan from Carroll’s and Mike Briant from GoBake. Tracy Chapman and her team organised a wonderful spread […]