Candles Sparkling Silver

Candles Sparkling Silver - PKT

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Cat# HS18/S

What’s a birthday cake without candles? Celebrate your special occasion or event with our birthday candles perfect for decorating any celebration cake. All GoBake candles are non toxic, dripless and smokeless providing a super high quality birthday candle you can trust. These beautiful love hearts on picks are perfect for adding dimension to your cake! For best results we suggest placing all the candles in the same area on the cake. They should however be inserted carefully; Close together but still allowing for each flame to remain individual. The flame should not be allowed to come in contact with other candle flames which could increase the possibility of making the flame unsafely large.

Features & Benefits

  • - Decorate your birthday cake in style!
  • - High quality - Non toxic, dripless and smokeless!
  • - Sparkle is kept to a safe level for use!

Product Dimensions

Width 2mm
Height 165mm
Length 2mm

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Nutritional Information

Allergen Statement NA
Storage NA
Other Storage info NA
Suitable Applications Decorating Birthday Cakes!
Country of Origin Made in China
Food Safety Description Candles Sparkling Silver - PKT
Classification NA
General Packaging NA
Special Handling Instructions Caution: We care about your safety. Please use under adult supervision. These candles may contain small parts which are not intended for use by children 3 years of age or under. Always extinguish candles in water before disposal.
Contents Carrier NA
Freeze Thaw Stable NA
General Technical NA
GMO Status NA
Halal Status NA
Kosher Status NA
Suggested Dosage NA

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Product Information

Pack size

Units per Barcode Gross Kg Dimensions (mm) Cubic Measurement
Package 1 pack 9414966258329 0.0300 Kg 40 x 205 x 10 0.0000 m3
Inner 1 pack
Inner Box 6 pack 29414966258323 0.1600 Kg 210 x 70 x 40 m3
Shipper 288 pack 39414966258320 10.0000 Kg x x 0.0420 m3