• Gumpaste Frangipani - Pink - 24pk
  • Gumpaste Frangipani - Pink - 24pk
  • Gumpaste Frangipani - Pink - 24pk
  • Gumpaste Frangipani - Pink - 24pk

Gumpaste Frangipani - Pink - 24pk

Cat# FGA024/P

Perfect for decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream and more. Our handcrafted Icing Dec Ons are the ideal way to help theme your celebration!

Features & Benefits

  • - Decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more!
  • - Simple & Effective!
  • - Fun & Easy!
  • - 100% Edible!

Product Dimensions

Width 30mm
Height 30mm
Length 30mm

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Nutritional Information

Gluten Statement Gluten Free (Certified).
Allergen Statement May contain traces of Egg Albumen.
Storage Store sealed in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Other Storage info Unopened (sealed) in a cool dry area. Keep away from direct sunlight, heat and odours. Must be stored on pallets and never be in direct contact with floor or walls.
Suitable Applications Decorating cakes, cookies, donuts, ice cream, pies and sweets in general.
Food Colours Tartrazine (E102), Carmoisine (E122).
Country of Origin Made in Philippines.
Food Safety Description Gumpaste Frangipani - Pink - 24pk
Classification Artificial
General Packaging 24 pcs per cardboard box.
Special Handling Instructions Fragile. Note: colours maybe subject to fade and should be stored in cool place away from light.
Contents Carrier NA
Freeze Thaw Stable Yes
General Technical Suitable for: Vegans: No, Vegetarians: Yes, Organic: No, Biodynamic: No, Ovo-lacto-vegetarian: Yes, Lacto-Vegetarian: No. Gumpaste
GMO Status GMO Free
Halal Status Non-Compliant
Kosher Status Non-Compliant
Shelf Life 3 Years +
Suggested Dosage 1pce

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Product Information

Pack size

Units per Barcode Gross Kg Dimensions (mm) Cubic Measurement
Package 1 pack 9414966316258 0.0000 Kg x x 0.0000 m3
Inner 1 pack
Inner Box 1 pack NA Kg x x 0.0000 m3
Shipper 14 pack 19414966316255 2.0000 Kg 410 x 410 x 410 0.0690 m3

Pallet Configuration

Pallet Gross Weight 74.0000 Kg
Pallet Height 1.3800 Metres